The Top Ten Ways to Build Authentic Confidence

Authentic confidence is an attitude and a skill that can be learned. It is built on the foundation of who we are vs. what we do. It is our birthright to believe in ourselves and to continue to develop the confidence to live the life we have always imagined.

Even the most confident people in the world temporarily lose confidence when they stretch out of their comfort zone. They stay true to themselves in the midst of low confidence and understand that it is part of the on-going process for continuous growth. When we allow ourselves to actually surrender to not being confident, we then discover a strong building block towards realizing authentic confidence.

Here are some steps to assist you in building authentic confidence:

  1. Surround yourself with people that believe in you…exactly where you are…right now. Get more support than you think you need regardless of your situation.
  2. Look at any feelings of incompetence from a new perspective. It can be empowering when we can accept what is and actually become "confident about our areas of incompetence" (without self-judgement). We can begin this process when we lighten our hearts, focus on our strengths and acknowledge that we can’t excel at everything or be all things to all people.
  3. Identify specific areas of your life where you want to build more confidence as well as the obstacles in the way. Make it a priority to strengthen those areas and start with the easiest place first. Create a strategy for removing the obstacles and make sure that your internal motivation is much bigger than the obstacles. Inside every obstacle lives an opportunity for tremendous growth, knowledge and wisdom.
  4. Create a series of small victories and celebrate each one using the concepts from step 3. You will build momentum while increasing your courage to take action and succeed.
  5. Reach out to and learn from people who are where you want to be and find out how they got there.
  6. Monitor your self-talk and replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations.
  7. Make it a priority to learn more about the things that fascinate you. Fascination is usually an indication of a calling…go ahead, take action…and answer the call.
  8. Remember to stay true to what you value most and focus on your strengths.
  9. Learn from your mistakes in the moment so you don’t have to repeat them again in the future.
  10. Identify negative assumptions that are holding you back and replace them with empowering beliefs.