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Client Testimonials

Reviews by Sports Professionals

"I want to share a wonderful blessing that I’ve received in Insightful Player Founder/Life Coach, Chrissy Carew. I believe that God repositioned her into my life to motivate, inspire, and cultivate my strengths while building up my weaknesses. She has made my transition from the football field to ‘the real world’ seamless while pursuing new dreams in the next chapter of my life. Reach out to Coach Carew to experience how Chrissy can assist you in attaining your next set of life goals."

-     Danny Clark

"I must say I had a tremendous opportunity to sit down with Chrissy and have her coach me at various levels in my life. The energy is full, and the altitude is high with positive reinforcements and a determined strategy. Our relationship from day one to now has been more than what I expected. I appreciate her patience and love her to death."

-     Jarvis Green
New England Patriots
Two-time Super Bowl Champion & CEO

"If it wasn’t for Chrissy Carew impacting my heart and impacting my passion to get my first annual football camp off the ground, it wouldn’t have happened. I really appreciate you, Coach Carew. Thank you!"

-     Montell Owens
Retired Pro Bowl Full Back, Jacksonville Jaguars & CEO

"Coach Carew’s coaching has been a great help to me.  She has helped me focus on my goals and prioritize my objectives in my life.  Thank you so much, Chrissy."

-     Rashied Davis
Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears, Philanthropist and Business Owner

"Chrissy is truly passionate about helping players and former players discover a deeper connection with what they do and guides them toward creating a more positive impact. Her vision is bold and inspirational."

-     Steve Hoyem
Retired NFL player, Enterprise Performance Management Specialist

Reviews by Business Owners

"Chrissy’s consistency, focus, training, positive attitude, incisiveness, and listening skills (not to mention her memory!) give a theme and constancy to my efforts to improve. From the mundane to the core life goals–everything has improved through coaching! My business profits are up 800% and billable hours have doubled. I have shifted from push and struggle to joy, profit, and fulfillment."

-   Bill Young
Business Owner, Marketing Services, Boston, MA

"Ever since we started working together, I have doubled my income, expanded my network and have taken more risks and won. You have also helped me realize what is really important personally and professionally."

-     Carol Ann Small
Professional Speaker, Boston, MA

"You’ve expanded my vision of what is possible. I find my level of energy and focus around tasks (both personal and business) is way up. This helps me keep going from one task to another with more ease and quicker results. When I get stuck, I ask myself ‘What would Chrissy suggest I do right now?’"

-    Dr. Cheryl Lieberman
Business Owner, Management Consulting, Cambridge, MA

"Chrissy Carew helped me to better understand my weaknesses and strengths plus learn how to be more productive by changing some of my routines. She addressed my fears and taught me how to make things happen with less stress and more energy. Chrissy is a valuable resource. Other successful results include better time management, organizational skills, communication skills, and learning the art of creating more referrals."

-    Eric Swanson
Business Owner, Financial Services, Boston, MA

"I had the good fortune to be introduced to Chrissy through my work and stayed on as a client. My original purpose was to solve one particular problem but Chrissy quickly saw that the best way to solve it was to change my approach to problem-solving itself. With her guidance and patience, I was able to reassess and prioritize all my business issues. By helping me understand my real strengths and how I could use them to benefit myself and my clients, she changed the way I do business. I recommend her without hesitation."

-    Peggy MacNeil
President & Mannis MacNeil Design Group, Lexington, MA

Reviews by Corporate Executives

"Chrissy has helped me become more self-aware and insightful. She also helped me realize that certain things that I thought were weaknesses are actually strengths…like being a process thinker. And I’ve also realized some qualities/skills to work on to become a better leader, like being a little more confident and decisive. She’s even taught me a few exercises that have been helping me with those things. Chrissy is a wonderful coach and person."

Senior Accountant

"Your coaching is the best program I have ever experienced!"

Senior Corporate Manager

"Coming from someone that tends to lean towards being cynical when it comes to coaching, I am so pleased with the coaching journey. Chrissy listens, encourages, and provides thoughtful insight, and tools that have yielded dividends in every aspect of my life. I truly enjoy and look forward to our coaching sessions. She is AMAZING!!!!!!"

Corporate Development Manager

"Chrissy has changed my life in a way I never thought possible. She coached me through one of the toughest times in my life, helped me get to the root cause reason of why I couldn't move forward. I had been paralyzed with a fear of failure and a strong belief that I wasn't enough, which created a roadblock in my life and my career. Through thoughtful conversations and questioning, she enabled me to dig deep and help me see the successes and the wins I could never see before. Not only was it eye opening, but it was transformative. Within a short amount of time, I could feel the changes internally. I was able to change the story in my mind and heart about myself and embody a self confidence that I never knew existed. Today, I am showing up for myself and others in a way that feels authentic and true. It feels like I am breathing again and it's not scary at all. I can't thank Chrissy enough for her support and coaching techniques that have marked me forever. I feel blessed that Chrissy and I met when we did. It was the right time, place and circumstance - it was perfect!"

Senior Product Manager

"Working with Chrissy has given me the tools to fully understand how to work from my strengths and values and to realize when I am not. I've been able to take the cluttered mess of ideas and beliefs and build a structured operating system for my life. She has also helped me to understand when I'm not operating within my parameters and how to recognize and reorganize my actions. I fully understand my goals and purpose and work through my success formula to achieve my ultimate goal."

Corporate Sales Manager

"Chrissy is fantastic at helping guide a conversation with no starting point and making a productive session possible. She challenges me in new ways of thinking and is supportive in everything I'm doing."

Corporate Executive

"The work I've done with Chrissy so far has been nothing short of life changing. Chrissy inspires me to push myself and helps keep me accountable in pursing the things I want and in growing into the person I want to be. I feel my confidence growing with each session. Not just in my capabilities but in my ability to keep growing and evolving into the best version of myself. Thank you, Chrissy, I really love doing life with you in it!"

Non-profit Director

"I am very fortunate to have been able to work with Coach Chrissy Carew, a very wise and talented professional business coach. With her tremendous passion, integrity, and keen intuition, she has provided me with extremely positive support, while subtly challenging my focus and encouraging me to achieve goals by maximizing inherent strengths. I can’t say enough positive things about Chrissy…. For an individualized and very successful coaching experience, talk to Coach Carew! She’s a true inspiration!"

-     Denise L.
Business Manager/Controller, Portland, ME

"Coaching is a way of achieving balance in my overall life. I use it to help me see what to accomplish. It can be something as simple as someone other than me reminding me of what I need to do. I liken coaching to personal time management where my coach and I set up a schedule for me to achieve different objectives. The business of coaching will continue to grow. Coaching will become a natural extension linking personal and professional goals."

-    Kirke Curtis
Chief Operating Officer, High Tech Firm
Boston, MA

"Always love the insight I get about myself and my growth. I am more motivated to get things done at work. I have learned to capitalize on my strengths and the value of decisiveness!! Coaching is very enlightening in helping me be more deliberate in my actions."

Career Assistance Advisor

Reviews by Industry Professionals

"I consider the results I have achieved since you have been my coach the biggest achievements in my life to date. I have shifted from victim to VICTOR! You have played a big part in my personal and professional growth and I love how you bask in it with me. I am ecstatic about my new and ideal career path. I wasn’t happy in the corporate environment because it wasn’t for me. I never dreamed that my new career would be so fulfilling and I must admit I am celebrating every day! Your continuous support has helped me revise and upgrade my standards, which has significantly upgraded the quality of my life. Thank you, Coach!"

-    Jill Silverman
Career Transition, Boston, MA

"Coach Chrissy Carew is an amazing force of positivity. She helped me to find my inner strength and light, which allowed me to break free from my self-inflicted fears and take steps to invigorate my career. Her guidance showed me how to be true to my passions and goals, making me a more effective and happy professional. These changes have carried over into all aspects of my life. I’m extremely grateful for her coaching gifts!"

-     Doctor Jessica Gramlich

"I know Chrissy through her work as a coach and a Master of Public Relations. The secret to her success in both is not only her skill but her desire to uplift people. She is so overwhelmingly positive and possesses such keen insight into someone’s unique contributions that people end up seeing bountiful possibilities where none existed before.

Now, with Insightful Player, she has set her sights on introducing generations of children to futures full of promise. If I heard someone other than Chrissy mention her plans, I might think they were being grandiose. But Chrissy’s optimism, drive, and winning ways accomplish wondrous things. At this writing, she is very close to being an overnight sensation that took a lifetime to create. Soon, we’ll all hear a great deal about the lives her project transforms.

Chrissy is a true visionary who gets the work done without it being about her. If you find a way to be part of what she creates, I recommend you get engaged and watch success quickly take shape. Working with her is a transformative experience.


Helps high-tech executives shape their cultures, bring out people's best work, and evolve themselves in the process. He is an ally, thought partner, and catalyst for development."

-    Stephen Josephs, Ed.D.

Reviews by Coaching Professionals

"I chose Chrissy Carew as my mentor coach to help me prepare for my PCC and CoachU Certified Graduate designation. She already saw the version of me that I wasn't able to see myself. In a short time, I managed to develop my coaching skills to the extent of passing both the rigorous CoachU Certified Graduate process as well as being awarded ICF's PCC designation!

In her loving, empowering, gentle way she managed to challenge me to go beyond what I thought was possible, not only in terms of skill development but also regarding my personal ambitions and goals. I felt supported in every way to give it my all.


Chrissy modeled MCC standards both in the mentor coaching sessions as well as some "normal" coaching sessions we had. It's thanks to her wonderful personality, presence, enthusiasm, and professional skills that not only I achieved my professional development goals but also my business growth goals!

-    Eva Berger
Professional Certified Executive Coach | Leadership Coach

"Chrissy Carew is a talented coach and mentor. As a new coach, I benefited greatly from her guidance and mentoring. I can honestly say that I am a better coach today because of Chrissy. As a coach, she helped me work through several barriers that were limiting my personal development. If you are looking for a coach I would definitely recommend that you visit Chrissy. She’s the best."

-    Joel C. Small
DDS, MBA, ACC, FICD, Board Certified Coach

"I hired Chrissy to coach me through my transition from corporate leadership to starting my own coaching business and I'm so grateful I did. Chrissy emphasized 'playing big' with grace. She consistently encouraged me to follow my own path and build my business "The Jennifer Way" which ensured my success. She invited me to challenge my resistance and mentored my coaching through her beautiful examples. If you have a vision that needs fostering, support, or a push then Coach Chrissy Carew is for you. Her vast experience and FUN style make her the perfect partner for your life/business journey."

-    Jennifer Wilson
ACC, Credentialed Coach, Resume Writer, Speaker, Educator

"Through working with Chrissy, I have been able to build my business, become certified, and best of all have been propelled down the path of building my life around my values. Chrissy is so positive and believes in the spirit of people so much that it is infectious. She made the work fun. I would highly recommend working with her if you have big goals you want to achieve."

-    Martha Brabston
Executive and Life Coach

"Chrissy is a wonderfully giving, insightful, loving knowledgeable coach. I had set goals for the year and met them in just 3 months! I am a different person because of her. I have the vision to live by, goals that seem within reach, paying clients, needs getting handled, a stronger personal foundation, and a glitter in my eye. I have a renewed passion for life!"

-    Diane Bonneau
Master Certified Coach
British Columbia, Canada

"In 3 months, my coaching practice clients have more than doubled and my income has nearly tripled. Chrissy Carew is an amazing support and a catalyst for my growth professionally and personally. Chrissy is a very spirited, loving, and intelligent coach."

-   Tracey Brown
Professional Coach, San Francisco, CA

"Chrissy Carew’s coaching was transformational—and while I knew this at the time of our professional relationship, it has become even clearer in the months since we stopped working together as I’ve watched change take place in me and around me. I entered into our coaching relationship with a negative outlook on my career, fear of leaving behind the security of a lucrative paycheck, and many excuses for why I consistently overpromised and over-scheduled myself. From the outset, Chrissy’s observation and insight about my taskmaster tendencies set the stage for transformed thinking. While I was not able to give up that way of being overnight, the very idea enabled me to approach my challenges and possibilities in a new way. Again, I’m not sure I realized how much during our actual coaching relationship, but in the months afterward, it has become increasingly apparent the impact. I’ve since left that unfulfilling career, am well on my way to replacing my former income, and am no longer a perpetual taskmaster with myself. Working with Chrissy is a big part of what helped me get unstuck. She is a deep and perceptive listener, adept at offering laser-like insights, compassionate, and no-nonsense in her approach. Chrissy, thanks again for all you did to support me in getting where I am today!"

-   Jennifer Bailey

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