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Standing on Skis

Are you a Trailblazer?

I love working with Trailblazers—caring individuals who have a burning desire to have a positive impact on others and create their legacy. How do you know if you’re a Trailblazer?

• You’re a compassionate leader with a strong work ethic

   who makes your life bigger than yourself.

• You’re an innovator and risk-taker who drives positive


• You’re a lifelong learner committed to your personal,

   professional, and business development.

• You leverage your mistakes to gain wisdom.

• When you get knocked down, you glean the lessons

   learned, and get right back up.

• You take a stand for the underdog.

• You embody hope, curiosity, and perseverance

   regardless of any situation.


Trailblazers I have worked with include executive leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, active and retired professional athletes, founders and directors of non-profit organizations, including leaders in animal welfare groups and people in career transition.

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