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Meet Coach Chrissy Carew

Hall-of-Fame Master Certified and Board Certified Transformational Coach, Professional Certified Mentor Coach, Podcast Host, Trainer, Author, and Activist

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My Philosophy

I believe in the immense power, courage, and kindness of the human spirit. When my clients see this within themselves, their personal and professional lives soar.


I empower my clients to discover, embrace, and achieve their deepest level of personal and professional fulfillment.

I coach highly driven individuals who have an indomitable will and are relentless in their pursuit of elevating their world to awe-inspiring heights. I encourage my clients to reach for the ultimate state of human fulfillment by wholeheartedly embracing their gifts and ferociously sharing them with others.

Coaching industry pioneer, leader, and a special tribute


I have been coaching since the mid-nineteen-nineties. In the early days, I created, produced, and hosted a coaching radio show and I was featured in a weekly coaching segment on ABC’s WMUR TV News.

I am the past, and the first member elected Vice President of the International Coaching Federation (Global), and served three terms on the Board of Directors and six terms as the Public Relations and Marketing Chair. I spearheaded high-impact public relations campaigns that resulted in the gargantuan growth of the coaching industry.

I received the highest honor from my peers when I was inducted into the inaugural International
Coaching Federation (ICF) New England Chapter’s Hall of Fame.

I am a certified mentor coach, and assessor. I mentor coaches who are seeking Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coaching  Federation (ICF).

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Trailblazer and catalyst for positive change

I am one of the first coaches to receive the Master Certified Coach designation and the Board-Certified Coach credential.


I am the founder of Insightful Player, LLC. Insightful Player® is a bold movement of hope that features NFL players who share messages of hope to inspire their fans, especially kids.


I built Insightful Player® even though I did not have any connections in the NFL industry. I experienced a lot of resistance. I went from having doors slammed in my face to enrolling fifty-one retired, and active NFL players on the Insightful Player team.


I am also the published author of Insightful Player: football pros lead a bold movement of hope.


I recently launched the Insightful Player® video podcast to help transform our culture to be inclusive, kinder, and more loving.


Prior to becoming a professional coach, I owned a public relations and event planning company for 10 years. The Boston media identified me as a top event specialist and reported that my events were nothing short of a Broadway production. My largest event was the First Bank Owned Real Estate Show that was attended by thirty-three thousand people and resulted in $55 million in traceable sales.

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Passion and volunteer work

I live for the underdog.


I am very passionate about children, senior citizens, and rescuing homeless pets.


I created Insightful Player, LLC to empower children.

I married my love for seniors with my love for rescue animals by doing extensive training with my dog, Kylie. Kylie (10 years) is a Certified Therapy Dog. We visit a nursing home every Thursday morning. The residents and the staff refer to Thursday as “Kylie Day.” I have been doing weekly pet therapy for 10 1/2 years.


We have three additional rescue dogs, Scout (11), Caboose (9) and, Patch (3 ½). They are all Certified Good Citizens (CGC). Patch, like Kylie, was born to be a therapy dog. Patch is now in training and will be a certified therapy dog soon.

The Love of my life

I am most grateful for my amazing husband, Kip.

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