The Top Ten Ways to Build a Strong Support Network…
Regardless of Your Situation!

The common thread that runs through the most successful people in the history of mankind is that they all realized they couldn’t do it alone. Reaching out for support is a brilliant quality they all shared and something that we, too, would do very well to adopt. In fact, what we want to aim for is to have more support than we think we need.

Hands down, people who have a lot of support not only reach their goals quicker and with more gusto but they also experience more fulfillment and have more fun getting there.

Creating a reserve of support is a wonderful way to enhance your relationships and experience the intimacy of a fabulous community. In addition, you will create more space, learn quicker and you will become a fabulous model for your children and all those around you.

Here are some tips to assist you in building a strong support team:

  1. Take a look back at your life where you had the greatest success. Chances are good you had support. Examine the support system you had in place and think about how you created it. Now, look at how you can use this as a model for building a support network today.
  2. Get together with family members and clearly identify all the areas where you could use support and enlist them on the spot. Empower family members to contribute to the discussion and potential solutions. The more committed you are, the greater your capacity will be to engage others who actually get excited about chipping in.
  3. Get together with friends and together explore options for receiving more support. Find out what kind of support they have in place and see what strategies you may want to adopt. Also, become each other’s support coach so you can keep the momentum going.
  4. Check out various support groups locally and on the Internet. Examples include Parent Groups, Women in Business, Toastmasters, Guilds, Church, Chambers of Commerce, etc.
  5. Become accountable to others while you build your support team (friends, family members, colleagues, support groups). Letting others know what you are doing is a catalyst for success. This is a great place to enlist the support of a professional coach.
  6. When people offer their help, say, "YES!" Allow them to have the privilege of contributing to you.
  7. Reach out to people in your community who already have a lot of support. Ask them to support you now and share how they built their support network.
  8. Honor your relationship with yourself and carve out one a day week where the only person you say yes to is you! This is a healthy habit to adopt to refuel, revitalize and rejuvenate while adding sparkle to your life.
  9. Use the support of your voice mail or answering machine to capture all calls. Make it easy for people to connect with you.
  10. Under-promise and over-deliver with all commitments. Give yourself much more time than you think you need for everything. A conservative guideline is to give your self at least twice as much time as you think you need for absolutely everything!