The Top Ten Ways to Raise Your Standards
and Enhance the Quality of Your Life!

The higher our standards, the better our life is. Standards are the actions and behaviors we hold ourselves to. When we raise and honor high standards we feel very good about ourselves and it increases our ability to attract high quality people and opportunities.

When we raise our standards, our personal foundation gets stronger, we feel a lot happier, we are more focused, more productive and life seems to get a whole lot easier. Try these steps on for size and with each new standard you raise make sure you celebrate!

  1. Identify and write down everything that is draining your energy.
  2. Start eliminating the easiest "energy drainers" first.
  3. Get more support than you think you need regardless of your situation.
  4. Look at all the options – delegate it, dump it or do it yourself.
  5. Make your commitment huge and take full responsibility in raising your standards high enough so the "energy drainers" don’t reappear.
  6. Create a compelling vision of what you want your outcome to be as a result of raising each standard.
  7. Take a look at the cost of not raising the standard.
  8. Put the structure in place to support each standard.
  9. Reward yourself every time you raise a standard.
  10. Create an action plan to eliminate what’s draining you and give your self more time than you need.