The Top Ten Ways to Eliminate Procrastination…
Once and for All!

Procrastination is something we all put up with and is one of the most common blocks to success. There are many reasons why we procrastinate such as too much to do, not enough support, trying to do it all yourself, lack of interest, lack of commitment, trying to be perfect etc.

One strategy does not fit all for overcoming procrastination. We are all wired differently therefore, there are several alternatives to try on before choosing the right strategy for you.

Here are some steps that you can look at to support you in eliminating procrastination…once and for all.

  1. Ask yourself…Why am I such a fabulous procrastinator? What is my unique process for being so brilliant at procrastination?
  2. Create a formula that supports your process for procrastination. Pressure + dread + overwhelm = procrastination or unfocused + uncommitted + confusion = procrastination.
  3. Take a look at where you are not procrastinating in your life and identify the key elements of your success.
  4. Create a success formula–examples: Compelling Vision + Focus + Commitment = Success Desire + Baby Steps + Consistency = Success Priority + Support + Reward = Success.
  5. Once you have identified your success formula apply it to what you are procrastinating.
  6. Make a decision and a declaration to do it, delegate it or dump it.
  7. Get excited about your desired outcome. Focus on what you are moving towards rather that what you are moving away from.
  8. Create a reward for each milestone you reach.
  9. Become accountable to someone else. Ask them to support you in completing this project.
  10. Under-promise and Over-deliver–give yourself double the time you need with everything and under-promise the completion date. Start with the easy things first.