The Top Ten Ways to Think Big and Win!

Thinking big and wanting a lot for ourselves is something most of us have not learned. Instead, we think in terms of getting just enough to get by – at best. But in doing so, we unnecessarily limit our own possibilities and potential. Individuals who want a lot more for themselves and “dream big” tend to be rewarded for their ambition. Evidence shows that when we raise the bar for what we want and why we want it, there is a direct correlation to the extent to which we enhance our ability to gain clarity, take action, and effortlessly achieve even more than we wanted.

Here are ten steps that I use in my coaching practice business. These steps have made many dreams come true for myself and my clients. Begin thinking in these terms, and you too will see your dreams starting to come true right now.

  1. Create a clear and compelling vision – something you care deeply about rather than something you feel you should care about. (A vision is what you see.)
  2. Have a burning desire to realize your vision. The desire must be much bigger than the obstacles.
  3. Develop a compelling "why" that defines your reasons for wanting to achieve this. This will be the heat that fuels your vision and will evolve into your mission. (A mission is what you do that contributes to the realization of your vision.)
  4. Create a reserve of support. Get more support than you think you need and before you need it. Stay away from people who will shoot you down.
  5. Make your commitment HUGE. Develop a "NO Plan B" mentality to realize your vision. This will give you the ability to break down your vision into bite size pieces and take immediate action.
  6. Strengthen your personal foundation. The bigger the vision, the stronger the foundation must be. Eliminate all sources of negative energy, distractions and things you are putting up with unnecessarily. Identify your unmet needs and embark on a campaign to see them met. A personal need is something you must have met to function at your best.
  7. Identify your core values — those values that are fundamentally important to you and are an expression of who you are. This will make it easier for you to define your purpose. (Like your values, your purpose is who you are.)
  8. Acknowledge your fears and move forward anyway. In recognizing your fears, you decrease their power over you.
  9. Define who you need to be when you realize your vision. Be that person NOW!
  10. Be present and enjoy the process. Being in the present is where you experience breakthroughs, and having fun will bring you a lot of lightness and create a delightful adventure.


Copyright Chrissy Carew 1999.