The Top Ten Ways To Move Through Transition with Grace!

Transition is a big part of life and most of us have not been given the tools to move through it gracefully. One thing for sure is that we are all much more than our transitional situation. Every transition bears gifts, new insights and a whole new way of knowing ourselves. Once we get on the path to expanding our ability to know ourselves with more depth we become more accepting of who we are. This naturally evokes more compassion within for ourselves as well as for others.

You can look forward to new gifts that arise that you didn’t know you had, familiar gifts growing bigger and the quality of your life can be much more than you expect.

It is always best to create a vision of where you want to be once you get on the other side of the transition.

Focus on the light, acknowledge the darkness and give yourself permission to practice extra kindness on yourself exactly where you are right now.

Anticipate the grace ahead!

  1. Get more support than you think you need regardless of your "transitional" situation.
  2. Take a look at what you can let go of and simplify your life as best you can.
  3. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to slow down and/or take a temporary time out.
  4. Acknowledge any resistance to change.
  5. Find ways to add lightness to your heart.
  6. Develop a "No Plan B" attitude toward nourishing yourself and commit to creating some delicious daily habits.
  7. Discover ways to turn this transition into an adventure.
  8. Keep a journal and record your feelings and allow yourself to feel it all.
  9. Under-promise and over-deliver and count to 10 before saying yes to anyone.
  10. Make adjustments in your life to allow the transitional process to take priority.