The Top Ten Ways to Get Organized

Getting more organized and getting rid of clutter are goals that many people strive for in every area of life. It is no wonder that we all need support with this because of how fast things are changing, the technological advances and the complexities of our lives.

Being organized and clutter-free will simplify and enhance the quality of your life. Here are some steps to assist you in developing your organizational skills.

Here are some steps to assist you in building authentic confidence:

  1. Identify all the areas of your life that could use an organizational tune-up. Examples include your home, your car, your office and/or your finances.
  2. Create a compelling vision of what your desired outcome will be. Focusing on what you are moving toward rather that what you are moving away from will give you energy and increase your desire to see it through.
  3. Identify the benefits of reaching that vision. This will be the fuel that heats your vision.
  4. Estimate how much time that it will take you to reach your organizational goals…now double it or better yet triple it! Give yourself much more time than you think you need.
  5. Select the easiest area to dig into and get to work. If you selected your home, you could start with cleaning out one closet or even one drawer. Getting complete in one small area will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment and naturally inspire you to tackle the next item/project.
  6. Raise a new standard that will keep you organized and put the structure in place to support you.
  7. Get more support than you think you need regardless of your situation. Options include: hire someone to do it for you, hire a coach, and/or empower family members, friends or colleagues to assist you in reaching your organizational goals. Make this a team effort whenever possible.
  8. Create a plan with built-in rewards for each milestone you reach.
  9. Give the things you use every day top billing for easy accessibility. Take the things you seldom use out of the mainstream of your environment. Tuck away dateable information and set it up in an archive with expiration dates. Toss the things you haven’t used in a year.
  10. Celebrate and bask in your organizational accomplishments.