"Coach Chrissy Carew is an amazing force of positivity. She helped me to find my inner strength and light, which allowed me to break free from my self-inflicted fears and take steps to invigorate my career. Her guidance showed me how to be true to my passions and goals, making me a more effective and happy professional. These changes have carried over into all aspects of my life. I’m extremely grateful for her coaching gifts!"

Doctor Jessica Gramlich

"I want to share a wonderful blessing that I’ve received in Insightful Player Founder/Life Coach, Chrissy Carew. I believe that God repositioned her into my life to motivate, inspire, and to cultivate my strengths while building up my weaknesses. She has made my transition from the football field to ‘the real world’ seamless, while pursuing new dreams in the next chapter of my life. Reach out to Coach Carew to experience how Chrissy can assist you in attaining your next set of life goals. "

Danny Clark
Retired NFL player

"If it wasn’t for Chrissy Carew impacting my heart and impacting my passion to get my first annual football camp off the ground, it wouldn’t have happened. I really appreciate you, Coach Carew. Thank you!"

Montell Owens
Full Back, Jacksonville Jaguars
2010 Pro Bowl, Special Teams

"Coach Carew’s coaching has been a great help to me.  She has helped me focus my goals and prioritize my objectives for my life.  Thank you so much Chrissy."

Rashied Davis
Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears

"I am very fortunate to have been able to work with Coach Chrissy Carew, a very wise and talented professional business coach. With her tremendous passion, integrity and keen intuition, she has provided me with extremely positive support, while subtly challenging my focus and encouraging me to achieve goals by maximizing inherent strengths. I can’t say enough positive things about Chrissy…. For an individualized and very successful coaching experience, talk to Coach Carew! She’s a true inspiration!"

Denise L.
Business Manager/Controller
Portland, ME

"Chrissy Carew’s coaching was transformational—and while I knew this at the time of our professional relationship, it has become even clearer in the months since we stopped working together as I’ve watched change take place in me and around me.  I entered into our coaching relationship with a negative outlook about my career, fear around leaving behind the security of a lucrative paycheck, and many excuses for why I consistently overpromised and overscheduled myself.  From the outset, Chrissy’s observation and insight about my taskmaster tendencies set the stage for transformed thinking.  While I was not able to give up that way of being overnight, the very idea enabled me to approach my challenges and possibilities in a new way.  Again, I’m not sure I realized how much during our actual coaching relationship, but in the months afterwards it has become increasingly apparent the impact.  I’ve since left that unfulfilling career, am well on my way to replacing my former income, and am no longer a perpetual taskmaster with myself.  Working with Chrissy is a big part of what helped me get unstuck.  She is a deep and perceptive listener, adept at offering laser-like insights, compassionate, and no nonsense in her approach. Chrissy, thanks again for all you did to support me in getting where I am today!"

Jennifer Bailey
Strategist & Change Agent
Grace Street Group
Ann Arbor, MI

"I had the good fortune to be introduced to Chrissy through my work and stayed on as a client. My original purpose was to solve one particular problem but Chrissy quickly saw that the best way to solve it was to change my approach to problem solving itself. With her guidance and patience, I was able to reassess and prioritize all my business issues. By helping me understand my real strengths and how I could use them to benefit myself and my clients, she changed the way I do business. I recommend her without hesitation."

Peggy MacNeil
Mannis MacNeil Design Group
Lexington, MA

"As a relatively recent college graduate getting used to the "working life" has proven to be somewhat of a challenge. Although I wish I could forever remain a college student, I know I cannot. Having Coach Carew become part of my life and my core group of trusted business associates has definitely paid dividends. She is constantly challenging me to grow and change, we all know how important change is, especially in today’s workplace. Knowing that anytime I need an unbiased and insightful opinion, it’s only one phone call away with Coach, is a nice feeling to have."

Richard Westermayer
Marketing Manager
Iron Mountain Sports
O’Fallon, MO

"Chrissy’s consistency, focus, training, positive attitude, incisiveness, listening skills (not to mention her memory!) give a theme and constancy to my efforts to improve. From the mundane to the core life goals–everything has improved through coaching! My business profits are up 800% and billable hours have doubled. I have shifted from push and struggle to joy, profit and fulfillment."

Bill Young
Business Owner
Marketing Services
Boston, MA

"Ever since we started working together, I have doubled my income, expanded my network and have taken more risks and won. You have also helped me realize what is really important personally and professionally."

Carol Ann Small
Professional Speaker
Boston, MA

"With Chrissy’s help, I have learned a lot about coping with the stresses of the workplace, which allows me more personal time to spend with my family. Chrissy is a true sense of inspiration. She is an excellent listener, and she helps me to figure things out on my own through thought provoking questions and encouragement. I feel that coaching is a gift, and a truly special gift that God has given to my coach Chrissy Carew."

Marianne Carnahan
Hospitality Industry
Boston, MA

"Coaching is a way of achieving balance in my overall life. I use it to help me see what to accomplish. It can be something as simple as someone other than me reminding me of what I need to do. I liken coaching to personal time management where my coach and I set up a schedule for me to achieve different objectives. The business of coaching will continue to grow. Coaching will become a natural extension linking personal and professional goals."

Kirke Curtis
Chief Operating Officer, High Tech Firm
Boston, MA

"In 3 months, my coaching practice in number of coaching clients has more than doubled and my income has nearly tripled. Chrissy Carew is an amazing support and a catalyst for my growth professionally and personally. Chrissy is a very spirited, loving and intelligent coach."

Tracey Brown
Professional Coach
San Francisco, CA

"Chrissy Carew helped me to better understand my weaknesses and strengths plus learn how to be more productive by changing some of my routines. She addressed my fears and taught me how to make things happen with less stress and more energy. Chrissy is a valuable resource. Other successful results include better time management, organizational skills, communication skills, and learning the art of creating more referrals."

Eric Swanson
Business Owner
Financial Services
Boston, MA

"I consider the results I have achieved since you have been my coach the biggest achievements in my life to date. I have shifted from victim to VICTOR! You have played a big part in my personal and professional growth and I love how you bask in it with me. I am ecstatic about my new and ideal career path. I wasn’t happy in the corporate environment because it wasn’t for me. I never dreamed that my new career would be so fulfilling and I must admit I am celebrating every day! Your continuous support has helped me revise and upgrade my standards, which has significantly upgraded the quality of my life. Thank you, Coach!"

Jill Silverman
Career Transition
Boston, MA

"You’ve expanded my vision of what is possible. I find my level of energy and focus around tasks (both personal and business) is way up. This helps me keep going from one task to another with more ease and quicker results. When I get stuck, I ask myself ‘What would Chrissy suggest I do right now?’"

Dr. Cheryl Lieberman
Business Owner
Management Consulting
Cambridge, MA

"Chrissy is a wonderfully giving, insightful, loving knowledgeable coach. I had set goals for the year and met them in just 3 months! I am a different person because of her. I have a vision to live by, goals that seem within reach, paying clients, needs getting handled, a stronger personal foundation and a glitter in my eye. I have a renewed passion for life!"

Diane Bonneau
Professional Coach
British Columbia, Canada