Insightful Player®

The Insightful Player® campaign has launched! We have released a comprehensive series of inspiring stories and interviews featuring high integrity people such as current and former NFL players, who join me in my mission to lift the spirit of all, especially children.

Coming soon will be a multitude of Insightful Player® programs, including player appearances, special events, school curriculum, books, workbooks, magazines and more. We will use every available medium to inspire, challenge and encourage you to:

  • build a rock-solid personal foundation
  • unleash your greatest talents
  • embrace your dreams
  • support others to do the same

Each Insightful Player® team member cares about you and wants you to believe in yourself, commit to the very best within yourself, and relentlessly pursue your most far-reaching dreams. The Insightful Player® stories will give you an inside look at what each player is most passionate about, lessons learned from mistakes they made, and wisdom gained from obstacles they have overcome. Each story demonstrates the ways in which their values and their experiences help shape them into the extraordinary people they are.

The intention for each Insightful Player® story and interview is to:

  • evoke the very best within you
  • inspire you to take full responsibility for living an integrity-based life
  • encourage you to follow your passion
  • challenge you to shape your life around what you value most
  • show you evidence that your deepest dreams reveal your greatest talents
  • help you realize you are not alone, regardless of your situation
  • accentuate the importance of building a support team
  • promote the importance of being of service to others
  • share valuable tools to help you be all you can be … and then some
  • provoke you to fully embrace your dreams
  • dramatically raise your expectation that you can live a life of greatness
  • strengthen your ability to maintain a positive attitude
  • amplify your desire to fully share your talents with others
  • infect you with a longing and a commitment to make this world better place

Why the Insightful Player® series and why now?

  • The human race is at a crossroads of transformation and obliteration
  • If we want to evolve, we absolutely must contribute to each other in unconventional and profound ways
  • The world is depressed, especially our youth
  • We are all inundated with stories of doom, gloom and empty sensationalism
  • The NFL may very well have the largest stage in the world yet it is underutilized
  • There are a lot of magnificent NFL players contributing so much to others in their communities
  • These same NFL players have an intense wish to have a bigger impact on the world, especially where kids are concerned
  • We are in desperate need of role models. There are many in the NFL who are far too little known
  • Now is the time to give these players the platform to inspire the NFL’s worldwide audience, especially kids
  • Kids will often listen more to NFL players than they will to their parents
  • All 32 teams admire The Insightful Player® campaign, and top-tier sports publications claim this will fill an important yet unmet need in the world

The Insightful Player® campaign is committed to penetrating the worldwide audience with:

  • messages of hope that provoke positive action
  • inspiring stories that evoke the best within

The source of my inspiration for the Insightful Player® campaign 


Coach Walter R. Carew, Sr.

I was born into football, and it has been a big part of my entire life. My father was a dedicated high school coach (in several Halls of Fame as a Head Football and Baseball Coach and athlete). He used sports to help kids build strong character and learn valuable life skills. He taught me the importance of having sky-high values, rock-solid integrity and an unshakable belief in my dreams. Partnering with NFL players to make this world a better place is my dream. Thanks Dad!

Visit the Insightful Player® website.